How to Turn Off the Traction Control on Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles comes with two traction control safety systems. Vehicles refers to one system as "Traction Control" and the other as Vehicles Stability Control (VSC). These two systems work together to ensure that your wheels do not spin, which could cause you to lose control. However, Vehicles acknowledges that you may need the wheels to spin in certain situations---such as while the Vehicles is stuck. Spinning the wheels could help you get of the situation, according to the manual. Vehicles this reason, Vehicles offers Vehicles owners an option to turn off both traction control systems.

Under The Hood:

 How to Turn Off the Traction Control on a Chevy Camaro

Move your Camaro's gearshift selector to "Park." If it's a manual transmission, move the shift knob to "Neutral" and set the parking brake. Leave the engine running.

Locate the button between the center-air vent and the radio labeled "ASR." Press the button.

If your Camaro is a fifth-generation model (2010 to 2011), the button is labeled "TCS." This button is on the center console, in front of the gearshift selector.

Inspect your odometer cluster. You should see a warning light that says "Trac Off" on fourth-generation models. On fifth-generation models, you'll see "TCS" with a line through it. This indicates the traction-control system is turned off.

 How to Turn Off the Traction Control on a Toyota Camry

Bring the Toyota Camry to a complete stop. Place the gear selector in "Park," but leave the engine running.

Inspect the dash area above the steering wheel. You'll see a button marked "Off." The icon above the text shows a vehicle with skid marks behind it.

Press and hold the "Off" button for at least three seconds. Release the button when you hear a beep.

Inspect the odometer. You should see a light that reads "Trac Off." You should also see one that reads "VSC Off."

Tap the "Off" button to turn the traction control and VSC back on.

 How to Turn Off Traction Control in a BMW X5

Insert your X5's smart key into the key slot and press the "Start" button to crank the engine.

Inspect the center stack beneath the radio. Look at the fourth button from the left on your driver-control panel. This button has an icon of a vehicle driving with skid marks beneath it.

Press and hold the button for five to eight (no longer than 10) seconds. Pay attention to the message center on your odometer cluster. The display shows "DSC OFF" when the feature is turned off.

Release the button. Press and hold it again to re-activate the traction-control system.

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