How to Replace the Intake Manifold in a Toyota Camry

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

How to Replace the Intake Manifold in a Toyota Camry. Since its debut in 1983, the Camry has maintained its spot as the most popular Toyota. While the older models are likely to have a lot of miles on them, they are known for their reliability and commonly turn 200,000 on the odometer without any problems. The following steps detail the removal and installation of the intake manifold on the 1992 to 1996 Camry with the 2VZ-FE and 3VZ-FE engines.

Remove the Intake Manifold

Disconnect the negative battery cable and drain the coolant from the engine (see Warnings.) Take the throttle cable from the throttle body and remove the air cleaner hose from the intake chamber.

Take the V-bank cover from the 3VZ-FE engine. Label all hoses, lines and connections and then remove them.

Remove the EGR valve, the vacuum modulator and the distributor. Take emission control valve set from the 3VA-FE engine and then disconnect the harness from the engine's left side.

Pull the rear plate from the cylinder head then remove the intake chamber stays and wires. Remove the air intake chamber.

Located the fuel injection delivery pipe and the injectors and remove them, as well as the water outlet and bypass outlet. Loosen and remove the two bolts and the stay for the idler pulley bracket.

Take off the eight bolts and four nuts from the manifold. Lift the manifold from the engine.

Install the Intake Manifold

Clean the manifold and cylinder head surfaces thoroughly. Check the surface of the manifold for warping or damage.

Put new gaskets onto the manifold and then position the manifold between the cylinder heads. Tighten the nuts and bolts in sequence to 13 foot pounds. Tighten the bolts on the pulley bracket to 13 foot pounds.

Put the water bypass outlet in place and bolt it to 14 foot pounds on the 2VZ-FE and 74 inch pounds. on the 3VZ-FE. Tighten the water outlet on both to 74 inch pounds.

Reconnect the injectors and delivery pipe and the air intake chamber. Tighten the two bolts and the nuts to 32 foot pounds. Put the chamber stays in place and torque the bolts to 27 foot pounds on the 2VZ-FE or 29 foot pounds on the 3VZ-FE.

Replace the distributor. Position the emission control valve on the 3VZ-FE and torque the bolts to 73 inch pounds. Set the EGR valve in place and torque to 13 foot pounds. Put a new gasket in the throttle body and attach it to the manifold with four bolts torqued to 14 foot pounds.

Connect the ISC valve and tighten to 9 foot pounds. Connect all hoses, the throttle position sensor, the ISC wiring, the air cleaner hose, the throttle cable and the return spring. Fill the cooling system.

Start the engine. Check all connections for leaks.


Drain the coolant into a container that can be sealed. Dogs and cats will drink coolant left in open containers or puddled on the floor. Ingestion is usually fatal. Reuse coolant unless it is contaminated or several years old. Dispose of coolant properly.

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