How to Plug Unused Dipstick Holes on an Engine

by Doug Jenkins; Updated September 18, 2017

Using a hammer, plug the extra oil dipstick hole, depending on which side of the block you don't want; learn how to do this correctly to prevent oil leaks in this free auto-remodeling video.

About the Author

Doug Jenkins runs Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods in St. Louis, where he restores classic cars and creates mild to wild custom street rods. He races a 1972 Corvette in the SCCA performance rally series, and drives a Ducati Monster to work every day. Doug got his start in fixing, customizing, racing, selling, restoring when he was in the fourth grade, fixing bicycles for anyone who would pay. By sixth grade Doug had bought non-running motorcycles and fixed them (and wrecked them as well). He had purchased his first broken down car by fourteen, which he fixed and sold for a profit. Now he runs his own body shop.

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