How to Install a New Steering Rack in a Hyundai Santa Fe

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Jack and jack stands

  • Special tool (09568-34000)

  • Torque wrench

  • Power steering fluid

How to Install a New Steering Rack in a Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai released the Santa Fe in 2001 as a mid-sized crossover SUV developed from the Sonata platform. In spite of the critical response, American consumers responded well. The Santa Fe was upgraded in 2007. The rack and pinion steering now modeled the Sonata's 2001 to 2006 models, which means you'll need to look for a few different connections when you install a new rack.

Unhook the negative battery cable and protect it from accidental contact. Lift your front end and support it. Look underneath the car for the universal joint and loosen the indoor driver side's cover-fixing clip and noise covers. Unhook the u-joint from the rack and pinion assembly.

Remove your front wheels (right hand to left hand). Pull the engine under cover and remove the front muffler. Drain the steering system and disconnect the power steering lines and any connections on the gearbox.

Pull the slip pin from the outer tie rod with special tool (09568-34000) before disconnecting the tie rod and steering knuckle. Unhook the feed tube and remove the gearbox and mounting bolts.

Attach the new gearbox to the rubber mounts and torque the bolts to 66 to 81 foot pounds of torque. Tighten the feed tube connection to 7 to 11 foot pounds of torque, the tie rod nuts to 18 to 25 foot pounds of torque, the joint assembly connecting bolt to 11 to 14 foot pounds of torque and the hose fittings to 9 to 13 foot pounds of torque.

Mount your wheels, reconnect the battery and fill the power steering system. Check the levels and look for leaks with the engine idling.


Always remove the gearbox carefully to avoid damaging the bellows.

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