How to Increase the Speed of Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Most recognized Vehicles the existence on golf courses around the world, Vehicles and club cars are popular Vehicles their convenience, but known Vehicles their limited speed. Whether you are using it as a recreational Vehicles or just want to move faster on the course or around your property, increasing the speed is a possibility Vehicles your club Vehicles.

Under The Hood:

 How to Increase the Speed of an Electric Cart

Remove any extra racks, equipment, clubs, windshields or accessories from your cart. These could slow your cart down and prevent them from moving at its fastest speed.

Power wash your cart with a hose and soap. Remove any dirt, dust or grime from the cart that could slow it down or keep it from working properly. Be sure to clean the wheels.

Check to see if anything is restricting the gas pedal from being compressed all the way. On many carts, there is a shaft blocking the pedal, which can be removed with a wrench and screwdriver.

Add larger tires to your cart. While the engine will still produce the same revolutions per minute, larger tires will allow the cart to cover more ground with the same rpms.

 How to Increase the Speed of a Puch Moped

Remove the air filter of your moped by unscrewing the two Phillips screws holding on the plastic box connected to the carburetor of your Puch. This will increase air flow to the engine, resulting in a richer mix in the engine, which gives the engine better acceleration.

Replace the spark plug with a new one. Although you may have a newer spark plug, doing this $5 upgrade will always increase performance, as spark plugs are rarely cleaned completely, resulting in engine performance loss.

Remove the carburetor, and unscrew the top screws holding on the throttle mechanism inside of the carburetor. Once these screws are removed, the throttle cable will pop out of the carburetor, leaving it empty. Soak the carburetor in carb cleaner fluid, and let it air-dry. Give it a few hard knocks to get any dirt out of the carburetor after it is dried.

Locate the small, golden screw with a hole cut in the center of it in the carburetor. It is usually located right next to the throttle cable inside of the carb. Replace this screw with a larger one from your jet set. Experiment with different-sized carburetor jet screws to get more fuel to the engine.

Remove the muffler pipe using your wrench, and locate the small pipe that extends off of the narrow exhaust pipe. This narrow pipe acts as a restrictor; cut it off with your saw, and crimp the hole using the vice. Replace the muffler.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Spark plug

  • Carburetor cleaner

  • Carburetor jet set

  • Wrench

  • Saw

  • Vice

 How to Increase Speed in My 150 CC Scooter

Fill the tires to the specified level, particularly the rear tire. According to Russ Johnson, owner and manager of Swamp Cycles in Gainesville, Florida, the PSI specifications for your particular scooter will be located in your owner's manual or for wider-based tires on the tire's sidewall. If your tires are not inflated enough, your scooter's speed will suffer accordingly.

Change your scooter's oil and oil filter. This will keep your scooter's engine properly lubricated, reducing engine friction and improving your scooter's overall horsepower output. Johnson recommends changing the oil after the first 50 miles then again after every 1,000 miles if you operate your scooter frequently. If you only use your scooter during the summer months, you should change your oil at the beginning of every driving season.

Add a fuel system cleaner to your fuel tank. This will flush your scooter's fuel lines, allowing fuel to reach your engine faster and cleaner. Your engine will burn fuel more efficiently, improving its overall horsepower.

Add a windshield to your scooter. Windshields displace air around your body, which can act as a giant sail, increasing your scooter's top speed.

Clean or replace your scooter's exhaust system. A newly cleaned or replaced exhaust system will allow your scooter to expel the residual fumes caused by internal combustion which, in turn, allows more oxygen to reach the engine as it is burning fuel, resulting in faster and cleaner fuel consumption.

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