How to Identify a Yamaha Quad ATV Model by the VIN Number

by Yvonne GrantUpdated October 25, 2017

Items you will need

  • Paper

  • Pen

Like many legal passenger vehicles, Yamaha ATVs have a 17-digit VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. These characters can include numbers from zero through nine and capital letters from A through Z. They never contain I, O and Q, to avoid confusion when verifying the VIN. The position of each letter and number identifies something about the machine, from the location of manufacture, to the year of manufacture and the model. The VIN is on the lower end of the frame, and finding it should take only a few minutes.

Park the ATV on a flat level surface and set the parking brake. Remove the key from the ignition.

Locate the VIN digits on the left hand side on the lower part of the frame by the footpad. Look for a 17-digit code stamped into the frame.

Write down the 17-digit VIN number with a pen and paper. Re-check the written digits. The fourth through the eighth digits represent the make and model of the ATV to the manufacturer -- it will not be the same as the actual make and model.

Underline the fourth through eight digits. The first letter in the series represents the vehicle category. The second digit gives engine displacement, followed by engine type, design sequence and model variation.

Call your local Yamaha dealership with your VIN. They can tell you precisely the model and year of production, or you can use a VIN decoder website.


If the VIN digits are difficult to read, write down the visible digits and record their positions. Then call the manufacturer for assistance.

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