How to Change Struts on a Honda Civic

by Nathaniel MillerUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Socket wrenches

  • Jack

  • Crescent wrenches

  • New struts

The Honda Civic is a dependable, long-lasting car. Known for its fuel efficiency and value, the Civic is a car that can hold its own in the performance market as well. It has one of the largest pools of aftermarket parts available for any production vehicle. Whether you need to change your Civic's struts because they are going bad or because you have installed a new lower set of performance coil springs, you can save yourself money by doing the work yourself.

Jack the front of the car up with the jack and remove the lug nuts from the front wheel with the lug nut wrench. Pull the wheel off and then use the socket wrench to remove the lower mounting nut on the bottom of the A-arm.

Pop the hood of the car and use the socket wrenches to remove the mounting bolts for the top of the strut in the corner of the engine compartment above the A-Arm. Slide the old strut out of the bottom of the A-arm and set it aside.

Slide the new strut in place and reattach the top of the strut in the engine compartment. Then mount the bottom of the strut back to the A-arm with the mounting bolts. Reattach the wheel with the lug nuts and then lower that side of the car.

Repeat the process for the other front side strut of the car. There is no need to worry about the rear as there are not actual "struts" mounted for the rear wheels, only a straight axle, coil springs and shocks.


Be careful to mount the new struts in place exactly as the old ones were. It can be helpful to mark bolt locations with a wax pencil to make sure you remount them correctly.

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