How to Hook up Strobe Lights in a Car

by Bryan Clark
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Strobe lights can make a showy accessory for any customized car. Using strobe lights in the interior draws plenty of attention from onlookers and can be a great way to give your car that extra bit of pizazz for car shows, or just show-off sessions in your local parking lot. When ordering a strobe light kit, ensure that you are getting a strobe light control module, or you'll just have solid lights that are always on, or always off.

Step 1

Mount your strobe lights in the desired location. You can use tape, Velcro, glue or screws to mount the strobes.

Step 2

Mount the strobe light control module in the desired location. This is how you'll control the speed of the strobing lights and turn them off or on, so you'll want to leave it accessible.

Step 3

Run the wire or wires (depending on the type, it may have one or two wires coming from the strobe) to the strobe light control module. You can keep the wires out of the way, and secure, by taping them up with electrical tape, and stowing them behind the closest body panel. For example, if you want to place the control module on the center console, you'd remove the plastic body panel near the shifter, tuck the wires in, and replace the body panel.

Step 4

Connect the wires to the headlight control module. The connection type depends on the model, but generally they come with a plug, that you can just plug into the control module.

Step 5

Run the headlight control module wires through the car firewall to the battery. You can use an existing hole by finding a rubber grommet and running your wires through before replacing the grommet, or you can drill a hole. If you drill a hole make sure to replace it with a grommet, or you'll have water in your floor board when it rains.

Step 6

Connect the positive wire to the positive terminal of the battery. In most cars, the battery is near the firewall, so securing the wires isn't a problem. If you have a car with the battery near the front, it's best to route the wires along the inside part of the fender. Keep the wires as far from the engine as possible to avoid melting them. You can secure the wires to any other wires that run along the fender with zip ties.

Connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

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