Honda Shadow VT700 Specifications

by John London

The Honda produced the VT700C Shadow from 1984 to 1987. According to the Motorcycle Specifications website it was the most radical motorbike Honda had ever built, at least in the way it looked and interfaced with the rider. The front footpegs and controls drew the rider's legs forward, which resulted in a passive riding position, unlike the riding stance of standard and sport motorcycles Honda and its competitors were producing at the time.


The liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine of the Honda VT700C Shadow had a 79-mm bore, 76-mm stroke and a compression ratio of 9.0 to 1. The piston displacement stood at 745 cc. The two cylinders were installed in a V-position with a 52-degree angle.

Ignition, Starter and Transmission

The Honda VT700C Shadow featured a battery-powered inductive ignition. The engine was started by an electric starter. The bike came with a six-speed transmission with a shaft drive.

Suspension and Brakes

The Honda VT700C Shadow had a 1.54-inch air assisted forks with 5.31 inches of wheel travel and dual shock rear suspension with adjustable spring preload and 3.7 inches of wheel travel. The bike had dual front disc brakes with a two-piston caliper and drum rear brakes.

Other Specifications

The motorcycle came with a 110/90 by 19 front tire and a 140/90 by 15 rear tire. It was equipped with a 3.3-gallon fuel tank. The bike weighed 501.6 lbs.

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