Honda Odyssey Engine Problems

by Olga Chacon

If you are in the process of buying a Honda Odyssey, you may want to think twice. Consumers have had several complaints about the Honda Odyssey, and recall notices about wiring, locks and external lighting have been issued. The Honda Odyssey has also received complaints regarding the transmission and the engine. The following are five Honda Odyssey engine problems.

Misaligned Belts

Problems have occurred with the Honda Odyssey's timing belt. Customers have reported engine failures caused by the misalignment of timing belts. The misalignment causes the belt to have contact with a bolt on the cylinder head. The contact can break the timing belt, causing the engine to stall and a potential crash.

Engine Noise

Customers have reported problems with the Odyssey's engine noise. There's a loud interior noise coming from the engine. Honda has created a mechanism that helps to reduce the noise.

Sealer Material Leakage

Sealer material leakage is another among the Honda Odyssey engine problems. Customers have complained about engine failures because of a broken wire. Honda has discovered that sealer material was leaking onto a wire. If the wire snaps, it can cause the engine to stall or lose power, potentially causing a wreck.

Electrical System

Problems have occurred with the Honda Odyssey's fuse box containing a loose terminal. The fuel pump could lose power. Without power, the fuel pump will not operate causing your vehicle's engine to stall. Problems also have occurred with the Honda Odyssey's electrical terminal. Honda has discovered a trace of corrosion on an electrical terminal. Electrical terminal corrosion can cause the fuel pump to fail and the engine can stop working.

Engine Damage

Customers have complained about a knocking sound in the Odyssey's engine. Automakers have discovered the engine damaged. Honda has determined that the engine damage is caused by a significant amount of oil missing in the engine. Honda has detected no oil leakage, no overheating and no blue exhaust. The engine damage can cause you to have an accident. The engine needs to be replaced.

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