What Happens When You Put Oil in a Hot Car?

by Russell Huebsch
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To properly change motor oil in a car, the engine should be warm to thin the current oil, according to the National Automotive Parts Association. Putting oil in a car that is too hot could make it useless for a while.


Changing oil when the car is hot or warm will just make it easier to drain, according to Edmunds.com. As engine oil gets colder, it starts to thicken.


You should not put oil in an extremely hot car, according to Car Bibles. At high temperatures, motor oil becomes so thin that it has poor lubrication and a viscosity close to that of water.


In the hotter summer months, you may need to go with a motor oil that has a higher viscosity, suggests Edmunds.com. Your car manual will detail which motor oil you need for the summer.

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