How to Hand Polish a Car

by Randall Shatto

Hand-polishing a car can be the best method in creating the shine you desire. A machine polisher can scratch or damage the car's finish, unlike the smoother technique of polishing with a soft towel. Here are a few simple steps.

Wash your car thoroughly. You will need a deep clean before you apply the polish. You can use a machine car wash; however, to remove all of the caked-on dirt, you may want to stick to hand washing the vehicle.

Dry your car with a large towel that is free of debris or small rocks. Polish does not work well on a car that's still damp.

You can use other polishes, but Poorboys World Polish with Sealant remains the choice for this article. Most polishes work in the same manner. Nevertheless, double check the instructions on your car polish before you proceed.

Apply the polish in sections. Add a straight line of polish to the part of the car in which you want to start. Just a dab of polish will be enough for each section. Then take your small, soft cloth and rub the polish in. Apply the polish to the desired area with a circular motion until it has been completely absorbed.

Repeat Step 4 until your car is completely polished.


  • check Remember, to add the polish onto the car in even strokes.


  • close Do not wax the car until you have polished your vehicle.

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