How to Gift a Car

by W D Adkins

There are many charitable organizations that have car donation programs. If you want to gift a car to a charity, you need to know how the process works. It’s actually quite simple—the organization will take care of most of the details, including pickup. This article describes what you'll need to do and provides a few worthwhile charities.

Get the information and documents required to gift a car to a charitable organization. You will need the title, the certificate of origin to the car and its registration.

Have the Vehicle Registration Number ready. This can be found on the registration.

Conduct an evaluation of your car's condition so that you can have a brief description ready for the given agency.

Choose a charity to which you'll donate your car. Some notable charities to consider are The Purple Heart Charity which helps veterans; the National Kidney Foundation which helps those with chronic kidney disease; and Kars4Kids which assists indigent youth in need of transportation.

Call the charity of your choice or go online and fill out their donation form. You’ll be asked for the aforementioned pertinent information regarding the vehicle. The process is very similar for all car donations so if you have the required information, it just takes a few minutes.

Make arrangements to have the car picked up when the charity you’ve chosen contacts you. This will usually take anywhere from two days to a week. These organizations all take care of contacting a towing company. There is no cost to you. They will send a receipt along with any other documentation you may need for tax records within a few days.


  • check There are many other national and local charitable organizations that have car donation programs. If you want to gift a car, but wish to support another worthwhile effort than those mentioned here, you can easily find more options by calling your local United Way.

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