How to Get a White Car Clean

by Editorial Team

You love your white car because of how striking it looks as you cruise down the road. All the other cars around yours are dark and blend in with the crowd. Your white-colored ride sets you apart unless it’s dirty, of course. Unfortunately, a white car means any dirt present is extremely visible.

Step 1

Obtain the right cleaners and devices to clean your car. You’ll need to purchase cleaners designed for use on automobiles. Using dish detergent or other household cleansers can strip the wax or paint from your auto body. That is something you don’t want.

Step 2

Use paint cleaners to really remove all of the grime from your white paint. While standard car cleaning solutions do a good job, paint cleaners are specially designed to remove the stains that are probably bugging you.

Step 3

Use a clay bar to remove tiny bits of dirt and eliminate discoloration on your striking white car. You’ll need to remember a few things about clay bars. Cut the bar into several pieces and use only one at a time. If you drop the clay bar, you should throw it away, as it will pick up dust and dirt and scratch your car when you use it. Follow the rest of the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Step 4

Apply a couple coats of wax to your car, waiting plenty of time between them. The wax protects your car’s white paint, making it easier to remove future dirt. Use a chamois (or shammy) to buff the finish to a bright shine to make the white color pop.

Step 5

Patronize a car detailing service to get your white car very clean. After this, you could just go through a standard car wash from time to time to maintain the cleanliness on your own. The detailing people, for a price, will perform a comprehensive clean on your car, both inside and out. They have all the tools and the practice necessary to get your white car back to pristine condition.

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