How to Get Rid of Shock After a Car Crash

by Corey M. Mackenzie

After a car crash you may feel very shaken up. It doesn't matter if you are uninjured--you may still feel strange and will be in some degree of emotional shock. This happens because your body responds to traumatic experiences by releasing a flood of adrenaline and cortisol. The muscles are on high-alert, ready to fight or flee the perceived danger. Your blood pressure soars and heart rate accelerates. These responses to frightening situations, while beneficial when we're faced with real threats, can leave lingering negative side-effects. Shakiness, digestive upset, mental fog and muscle soreness are among the many symptoms you may experience even after minor car crashes. There are several steps you can take to get rid of these and other symptoms of shock more quickly after a car crash or other traumatic event.

Step 1

Breathe normally. You should try to slow your breathing if you are breathing rapidly. If you hyperventilate, you could pass out. If you do feel faint, sit and lean your head down between your legs.

Step 2

Drink water. Lingering stress hormones are very hard on the body. You will need adequate fluid intake to help flush excess toxins from your system.

Step 3

Practice yoga or, if you don't know yoga, do simple stretches. The movement will help relax your muscles, which will help you relax (and may help prevent muscle soreness).

Step 4

Take a calcium and magnesium supplement. Calcium and magnesium, taken together at the recommended daily allowance, safely helps relax muscles and calm the mind.

Step 5

Take a warm, scented bath. The warmth and the good aroma will help you relax.

Step 6

Talk to a good friend about what happened. Just talking about a car crash and how you feel about it can really speed up your emotional recovery.

Step 7

Try to get extra rest that night. The better you are able to sleep, the faster you will recover from the shock.

Step 8

Eat a balanced light meal a few hours after the crash. Your digestive system should be able to handle food by then and you should eat a mixture of carbohydrates and protein to help get your blood sugar levels back to normal. A banana, some yogurt and a piece of bread are ideal.

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