What Is a Fuel Control Module?

by Brooke Bowers

The fuel control module in your car is a crucial bit of machinery. With its numerous components, it controls how efficiently your fuels are used to cool, control and run your vehicle.


Inside your fuel control module are different pieces that control how your fuel is used. There is a piston-metering pump to run and cool internal machinery like the motor. There is also a flow divider that uses pressure-sensitive output flow valves to distribute fuel to the burner nozzles.

Inner Feedback Loop

Alongside the pump and the flow divider, there is an inner feedback loop that controls the flow of fuel into the engine. The inner feedback loop works to ensure that the ratio balance between the air and fuel is maintained.

Outer Feedback Loop

The outer feedback loops works with an exhaust-gas oxygen (EGO) sensor to remedy the amount of oxygen in the system if there is a sudden, unexpected problem. It also preserves the oxygen levels to ensure maximum efficiency of the fuel control module, working with the other components to help your vehicle run smoothly.

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