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How to Replace Front Disc Brakes in a Saturn Ion

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If your brakes are squeaking when you stop your 2005 through 2007 Saturn Ion it is definitely time to replace the front disc brakes. This can be accomplished by investing a few hours of your time and little bit of elbow grease.

Remove the fluid from the master cylinder until it is 1/2-full using a turkey baster or similar device. Remove the front wheel. To prevent the rotor from falling off, tighten the stud nuts. Install the C-clamp over the body of the caliper with the clamp ends against the rear of the caliper body and against the outboard pad.

Tighten the clamp until the caliper piston is compressed enough to allow the caliper to be removed. Remove the caliper lower bolt. Remove the 2 brake pads and the pad clips from the caliper support. Throw away the old pad clips. Closely check the caliper pins, pin boots and the piston boot for damage.

Install the new brake pads and clips to the caliper bracket. Using silicone grease, lubricate the pin boots and guide pins. Reinstall the pin boots. Reconnect the caliper over the brake pads. Reinstall the caliper lower bolt through the caliper. Using a torque wrench, torque the bolt to 27-foot/lbs.

Ensure that the brake line is properly routed with the loop to the rear and that the hose is not twisted. Reinstall the wheel. Depress the brake pedal a few times until the brake pads are seated against the rotor.


  • Verify that the brake line is properly routed with the loop to the rear and that the hose is not twisted.

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