Ford Ranger 4.0 X Performance Mods That Work

by Dr. Samuel Helms
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There are a number of performance upgrades and mods that work for a Ford Ranger 4.0L X. Some upgrades can be installed at home, while others require professional installation. Additionally, some performance upgrades sacrifice fuel economy for power while others, like cold air intakes, boost power and fuel economy.

Cold Air Intake

Improving the truck's ability to take in cold air boosts performance by increasing the pressure in the engine's cylinders. Increased pressure means a better ignition and more power without consuming more fuel. There are several models of cold air intakes available for the Ford Ranger 4.0L X. One example is model 54-10551 from aFe Power. According to aFe, this model intake can increase horsepower by up to 15.

Performance Tuner

A tuner lets you control several different aspects of the engine, such as the fuel-to-air ratio. This allows you to specify the type of engine performance you are looking for. If you would like more horsepower and torque, the tuner can adjust the engine to produce more power. It can also adjust the engine to produce more gas mileage if needed. One example of a tuner available for the Ford Ranger 4.0L X is the Predator from DiabloSport, model U7157.


Adding a turbo increases horsepower and torque. A turbo uses the force of the exhaust gases to suck air into the engine and give an extra boost to horsepower and torque. Since turbos run on exhaust gases, they usually boost power without sacrificing fuel economy. Squires Turbo Systems makes a universal turbo kit that will fit the Ford Ranger.


Having extra power in the vehicle usually requires an upgrade to the brakes. Slotted or drilled rotors can help improve brake pad life and promote even wear. Additionally, slotted and drilled rotors help remove water, dirt and heat from the pads, ensuring stopping power in rough conditions. Slotted and drilled rotors usually require the use of high-friction brakes because there is less surface area. Two companies that make performance rotors and brakes are EBC and Hawk.

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