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Flooded Transmission Repair Tips

by Alexis Writing

When a geared vehicle is damaged in a flood, owners often focus on the engine. Although the combustion chambers must be cleaned and dried, the transmission must be considered, as well. The transmission is sealed; but, it is still susceptible to flooding, if the water level reaches high enough. The opening for the transmission fluid dipstick is usually the only point of entry for any fluid to enter the transmission, and when the water level reaches high enough, there are very few transmission dipsticks that will prevent the water from entering the transmission. In many cases, flood-damaged cars are disposed of. However, with some time and research, a flooded transmission can be fixed.

Identifying Flood Damage

When a vehicle has suffered flood damage, and the transmission has been affected, the internal damage may go unseen, unless it is properly identified. Because of this, any compartment in the vehicle engine must be thoroughly checked for moisture and water content. Transmission fluid is typically bright red; however, when water is introduced to a transmission that is otherwise full of transmission fluids, the bright red hue turns to a drab, gray tone without any type of transparency. This will appear on the dipstick when the transmission fluid level is checked.

Transmission Inventory

To repair a flooded transmission, perform a full inventory of anything related to the transmission, including location and condition. Automatic transmissions often have electronics and cables that are essential to the main function of the transmission: turning the torque generated by the engine into power. If any of these elements appear to be corroded or damaged, they should be replaced immediately. Everything that has to do with the transmission, from the cap on the fluid opening to the drive shaft, must be checked for any inconsistencies, and dealt with appropriately, especially any electronic elements.

Gaskets and Sealants

If a transmission may have been damaged in flooding, replace each seal and gasket involved with the transmission to prevent hazardous leaks, which may result in the car breaking down in the future. The role of proper gasket placement and maintenance in vehicles is often underestimated. Gaskets are essential for the efficient operation of the engine.

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