How to Fix a Spare Tire Holder on a Toyota Sienna

by Angelique de la Morreaux

If you're having trouble with the spare tire holder on your Toyota Sienna vehicle, you are not alone. According to a company press release dated April 16, 2010, Toyota began a voluntary recall of the 1998 to 2010 Sienna due to the possible corrosion of the cable in the spare tire holder. In July 2010, Toyota began implementing a fix for the cable, at which corroded sections are removed and anti-rust agents applied. Although the recall is limited to 20 states, any owner of a Toyota Sienna within all 50 states is entitled to a free inspection of the part. For additional information on the recall, please view the resource section of this article.

Contact your local Toyota dealership. Ask for the service department. Schedule an appointment for the free recall inspection.

Arrive 15-minutes early for the appointment. Explain the problem to the mechanic. Go to the waiting area.

Read a magazine for 30-minutes, or talk to the car salesman and learn about the recall.

Return to the service department when your name is called. Listen to the representative's explanation of the repair. Ask questions about possible additional problems concerning the recall.

Receive your keys. Request a visual demonstration and specific instructions regarding the use of the spare tire holder. Drive off when done.


  • check You may have received a notice from Toyota about the recall and inspection, or a separate notice regarding the possible fix.
  • check If you did not receive a notice, you are still entitled to the inspection and a repair in all 50 US states.

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