What Is EZ Pass?

by Margaret Worthington

EZ Pass is a prepaid method of passing through toll booths that minimizes delays and disruptions by allowing cars to pass through toll areas without having to come to a full stop and pay the toll manually.


The primary function of the EZ Pass system is to take "cash, coins and toll tickets out of the toll-collection process," according to EZPass.com.

Time Frame

EZ Pass operates extremely quickly. As you approach the toll booth, you slow down--do not completely stop--so your EZ Pass is read. Once you are confirmed as paying member, the light at the toll booth turns from red to green and are allowed to proceed. The entire process takes a few seconds.


EZ Pass is currently centered in the northeastern portion of the United States, but as popularity grows, it has the potential to be used in many other areas of the country for convenience reasons.


The EZ Pass device is a small white box with purple lettering that is mounted in the upper portion of a car's windshield.


EZ Pass not only helps speed up toll-booth payment but also provides drivers with discounts on purchasing toll credits because they are pre-purchased and paid for in bulk.

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