How to Dry a Car Trunk

by Michelle Jones

The trunk of the car is used mainly for carrying things. Car trunks can also get wet if there is a spill from some item being transported, if water from a car wash gets inside or if the trunk is left open during a storm. When this happens, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the trunk to avoid unpleasant odors or mold developing. Drying the trunk is not difficult, but it will require several tools and some time.

Step 1

Empty the trunk. Remove any bags and equipment and clean out any trash.

Step 2

Take the carpet out of trunk if it is removable. Wash it in warm water with detergent and lay it flat to dry.

Step 3

Soak up as much water as possible with either paper towels or old bath towels. Remove as much moisture as you can.

Step 4

Vacuum the water with a wet vacuum. This will help to remove some of the water that you could not soak up with the towels. Empty the water that collects in the canister.

Step 5

Blow dry the trunk. After using the wet vac most of the standing water should be gone but there will still be some moisture. Turn the blower dryer on high and concentrate on drying one small section of the trunk at a time.

Step 6

Open the trunk door and keep the trunk open for at least two days. This is especially useful if you live in a dry climate, regardless of whether the air is cold or hot. The dry air will evaporate the last of any moisture.

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