How to Drill Holes for the Front License Plate

by Samantha Kemp
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Installing a license plate on your vehicle is usually a simple task. However, if your license plate or vehicle does not come with preexisting holes drilled in, this simple task becomes more complicated. You must learn the appropriate measurements to drill the holes in the correct location on your license plate and vehicle before you can mount the license plate that your state department of motor vehicle requires.

Step 1

Measure how many inches separate the end of the license plate indent to the top left hole that is already drilled in your vehicle if applicable. Write this measurement in a notebook. Measure from the top right hole to the end of the license plate indent on the right side. Write this measurement down. Continue this process for the bottom holes and record the measurements.

Step 2

Measure 5.3 inches to the left of the center of the license plate area on your vehicle and 2.375 inches up if your vehicle does not already possess drill holes for the license plate. Mark this location on your vehicle by making a circle in the area with your pencil. Continue this process for the right corner hole, bottom left corner, and bottom right corner, measuring from the center to the location that will require a hole.

Step 3

Drill the holes in your front bumper with an electric drill if necessary. Hold the drill at a 90 degree angle and drill a hole at one of the locations that you marked. Drill a hole that does not exceed .3125 inches in diameter.

Step 4

Measure the same dimensions that you previously wrote down and mark the equivalent positions on your license plate. Drill the first hole in your license plate by holding the drill at a 90 degree angle and applying pressure to the drill as you hold the license plate upright with your free hand. Continue this process for the other three holes.

Step 5

Place your license plate against the license plate area on your front bumper. Move the license plate until the holes in the license plate match up with the holes in your bumper. Place a screw or bolt through one of the holes and screw into place with your drill. Repeat for the other three holes.

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