How to Drain & Fill Infiniti G35 Transmission Fluid

by Sarah McLeod
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Many Infiniiti G35 owners will tell you they have forgone an essential transmission fluid change since theit last visit to the dealership resulted in a bill of more than $500 for the service. This could shorten their car's lifespan because transmission fluid is essential to maintaining the transmission system. Transmission fluid lubricates all the moving parts of a transmission set. It transfers the power of the engine to the transmission and it keeps components of the transmission from getting overheated. Dirty transmission fluid leads to dirty gears, transmission slipping and eventual inoperability. To maintain their cars and their budgets, many Infiniti G35 owners have decided to drain and fill their transmission fluid themselves.

Changing the Transmission Fluid

Step 1

Start the engine to warm up the transmission fluid and let the car run for about five minutes before turning the car back off.

Step 2

Jack the car up and put on jack stands.

Step 3

Loosen the level gauge bolt and remove the fill plug first, using the Allen head socket. The fill plug is the upper plug and is located on the passenger side of the transmission near the 02 sensor wire.

Step 4

Remove the drain plug when the fill plug is removed. Place your drain pan underneath the drain plug and remove the drain plug.

Step 5

Remove the old crush washers. You may need to use your small flat-head screwdriver for this. Once the old crush washers are removed, put the new crush washers on and put the drain plug back in.

Step 6

Fill your manual transmission's fluid pump with the new transmission fluid and begin pumping it into the fill plug. This process may need to be repeated up to eight times until the new fluid starts spilling out of the fill plug. Pour new fluid into the automatic transmission fluid charging pipe with the engine idling while simultaneously draining old radiator fluid from the cooler hose return side. When the color of the fluid coming out is almost the same as the color of the new fluid, the replacement is complete.

Step 7

Put the manual transmission's fill plug back in and torque to specification.

Step 8

Run an automatic transmission car's engine at idle speed for five minutes before rechecking the automatic transmission fluid level and condition.

Step 9

Install the removed fluid level gauge into the fluid charging pipe and tighten the level gauge bolt.

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