How to Double-Clutch

by Dale Yalanovsky

Double-clutching can only be accomplished in a manual transmission car or truck. This technique was once used extensively in older automobiles before the advent of the synchromesh transmission, and is still used extensively in racing applications. It allows the person shifting gears to downshift the transmission to use engine braking to slow the speed of the vehicle. This technique matches the engine speed to the transmission gear speed to make a smooth and effective downshift.


Release the gas pedal while driving in second gear or higher. Shift the manual transmission into neutral while holding the clutch down.


Release the clutch with the transmission still in neutral and literally "blip" the gas pedal to slightly increase the engine speed. This action will approximately match the engine speed to the speed of the next lowest gear in the transmission.


Push in the clutch and shift into the next lowest gear. Release the clutch and you will have successfully completed a double-clutch downshift.

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