Dodge Trucks Troubleshooting Codes

by Tom Lutzenberger

Like most modern vehicles, the 2007 Dodge trucks come with an onboard diagnostic computer system to monitor and signal when the vehicle is not performing correctly. Additionally, the system also is designed to ensure that the engine and emissions meet federal emission requirements or signal for repair if they do not.

Trouble Signals

The OBD system monitors dozens of sensors. When a sensor picks up an aberration, it will send that signal to the OBD main computer. If the trouble is significant, it will then trigger the "check engine" light. The codes also will be saved so they can be pulled for diagnostics.

Obtaining the Trouble Codes

The easiest and most direct method of interpreting the Dodge truck engine codes is to use an OBD scanner. The scanner input is connected to the truck underneath the steering wheel. The owner plugs it in, turns the truck ignition to the "on" position and the OBD data downloads.

Finding Reference

A user can write the code down displayed on scanner if it is a basic one. More expensive models will provide the trouble code and definition. If not, a user can simply look them up on the Internet at a code website that lists the trouble codes for Dodge trucks.

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