How do I Return a Car to the Honda Dealer?

by Shanan MillerUpdated May 30, 2018
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Reasons for wanting to return a vehicle to the Honda dealer may differ. If you can no longer afford your car payment, your return is considered a voluntary repossession, which impacts your credit similarly to an involuntary repossession, when your lender hires a company to take your vehicle. On the other hand, your lease may be expiring and you want to return your Honda to the dealership. When you take a vehicle back to the Honda dealer, or any dealership for that matter, protect yourself from unnecessary charges.

Contact the bank to discuss return options and follow the directions carefully. If you are returning a vehicle that you cannot afford, make sure that you let the bank know to which dealer you are returning it. If returning a lease, bring documents with you that are outlined in your lease-end paperwork, including the Return Receipt and Odometer Disclosure Statement, a vehicle inspection report and any receipts for completed vehicle repairs.

Call the Honda dealership that you are taking your car to. Ask if you need to make an appointment. Busy Honda dealerships may have someone employed to take care of the paperwork involved with a return. If not, some Honda dealers will ask you to stop by on a weekday, if an available salesperson has to process your car.

Gather all items that came with the car before returning it. If you leased a car, you have to turn in both sets of keys and the owner's manual. Whether you're returning a repossession or a lease, do not take any items out of the car that it came with, such as factory floor mats or any interior parts--you can be charged for replacement.

Clean your car if returning a lease. If you are voluntarily returning a car that you can't afford, it will not matter if the car is clean. Before a repossession vehicle is resold again, the vehicle is detailed. You'll see this as a charge on your paperwork once the vehicle has been sold.

Arrive to the dealership at the time of your scheduled appointment. Bring both sets of original keys with you. If you are returning a lease from Honda, bring your paperwork and license so that the dealer representative may fill out your information correctly to provide to Honda Financial Services.

Ask to have confirmation paperwork completed, even if you are voluntarily returning the vehicle. Tell the dealer that you want proof of mileage, date and returned items, or write up a note yourself for the dealer to sign. Include vehicle year, make, model, identification number, date, name and the name of the person who you're giving the keys to.

Get a copy of the return paperwork before leaving the dealership. Keep it for your records. If returning a lease, call Honda Financial Services at 800-351-6513 after you've turned in the vehicle and ensure that they have a record of it.


Once a leased vehicle is returned, it is inspected by the bank after it is taken from the dealership. You may arrange to have an inspection done before turn-in so that you have the time to make necessary repairs, instead of being charged for them at a later date.

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