Do It Yourself Oil Change for a BMW 325i

by John Walker
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BMW last manufactured the 325i in 2006 with a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine. The company recommends using synthetic 5W-30 oil with all oil changes. You should change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and you can use oil additives to improve the quality of your engine seals. The 2006 model calls for 6.9 quarts of engine oil and the use of a MANN Oil Filter (HU816x) or other manufacturer's equivalent. Consult your owner's manual for your specific model year fluid and filter recommendations.

Step 1

Drive the vehicle onto the ramps and engage the emergency brake.

Step 2

Slide the oil bucket beneath the vehicle at the oil plug location. BMW uses a skid plate with an easy access cover for the oil drain plug. Place the oil bucket beneath this access panel.

Step 3

Open the access panel (in the center of the skid plate and labeled). Remove the oil plug using the 17 mm wrench. Allow the oil to drain until you have only a few drops dripping out. Replace the oil plug and tighten to between 20 and 25 foot-pounds of torque using a torque wrench. Leave the access panel open.

Step 4

Remove oil filter housing cap using a filter strap wrench or by hand. You can use an adjustable wrench if desired. The cap is located center-front of the engine compartment, directly in front of the fan, accessed from above the engine. Pull the cap and filter out. The filter removes with the cap.

Step 5

Replace the filter by sliding the old one off of the tube attached to the cap and sliding the new one onto the tube. Inspect the rubber grommets at the base of the tube and above the threads on the cap. Replace with the rubber grommets included with the new filter if you notice signs of looseness or damage. Reinstall the cap by hand and tighten one-quarter further with a strap or adjustable wrench.

Step 6

Remove the oil fill cap. Pour 6.9 quarts of synthetic 5W-30 motor oil into the oil fill tube (labeled on top of the engine). Replace the oil fill cap and start the vehicle. Allow the motor to run for 2 minutes. Monitor the access panel beneath the vehicle and the oil filter cap for signs of leaks. Leaks would imply a damaged gasket or improper tightening. Correct the error and retest.

Step 7

Close the access panel for the oil drain plug. Check the oil level with the engine oil dipstick. Fill as necessary.

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