How do I Replace the Headlight on a Honda Accord 2004?

by Steve Bradley
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All cars break down from time to time, and when they do, it pays to be able to do at least some repairs on your own. Honda Accords are solid, quality cars, but they. too, will require some maintenance on occasion. One job that even the car novice can handle is the replacing of a burned-out headlight. While bringing it to the shop could cost you as much as $100, the job is almost as easy as changing a household light bulb.

Step 1

Park the Honda Accord on a flat surface and engage the parking break. Open the hood and go to the spot just behind the burned-out headlight bulb.

Step 2

Locate the electrical cord running from the Honda's electrical system to the headlight assembly. Grasp the connection in the back of the headlight and depress the side tabs to unplug it.

Step 3

Press the bulb in gently while twisting it to the left. It will release, and you will be able to pull it free and discard of it appropriately.

Step 4

Insert the replacement bulb and twist it to the right to lock it securely in place. Then plug the cord back into the headlight assembly. Close the hood.

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