How do I Change a Fuel Pump on a 2005 Dodge?

by Matt Scheer

The 2005 Dodge vehicles were the SRT-4, Stratus, Sprinter, Caravan, Challenger and Charger. These vehicles include coupes, vans, sedans and a compact sports car. Despite this great variety, the main difference in the process for replacing the fuel pump on these vehicles is whether or not they have a quick access panel to the pump. Only the SRT-4 and the Stratus do. For the other vehicles, the fuel tank has to be dropped to reach the fuel pump. Expect this job to take an afternoon to finish.

2005 Dodge With a Fuel Pump Access Panel

Step 1

Remove the negative battery terminal nut with the wrench. Lift off the negative cable and set it aside.

Step 2

Remove the fuel pump relay from the fuse and relay box in the engine bay. Check the diagram below the cover of the box for the location of the relay.

Step 3

Unscrew the small black cap on the Shraeder valve on the fuel rail in the engine bay. Press the Shraeder valve down with rags. This releases pressure from the engine. The rags collect any gas that leaks out of the valve.

Step 4

Remove the rear seats to reveal the access hole to the fuel pump for the SRT-4. Remove the rear seats by pulling up on the black tabs at the front of the base of the seats. For the Stratus, open the trunk and take out the carpet to reveal the fuel pump access panel. Remove the four screws securing the panel to the trunk. Pull off the panel.

Step 5

Disconnect the EVAP, return line and electrical connector on the fuel pump.

Step 6

Spray the pump and area around it with compressed air to clean off any debris or particulate that could contaminate the gas tank.

Step 7

Release the retaining ring by hitting the tabs with the screwdriver and hammer. Pull off the ring. Lift out the pump and pump O-ring.

Step 8

Lubricate the O-ring of the new fuel pump. Set it on the gas tank opening. Insert the fuel pump. Secure it there with the retaining ring.

Step 9

Attach the EVAP, fuel return line and electrical connector to the new fuel pump.

Step 10

Reconnect the battery cable and fuel pump relay. Prime the fuel system by turning on the ignition several times until the engine cranks. Check for gas leaks. Retighten any leaky fittings.

2005 Dodge Without a Fuel Pump Access Panel

Step 1

Complete Steps 1 through 3 of Section 1. Siphon out all of the gas from the Dodge's tank with the siphon kit and spare gas cans.

Step 2

Turn on the emergency parking brake. Raise the Dodge with the car jack. Set two jack stands below the Dodge to increase stability while you work underneath the vehicle.

Step 3

Disconnect the fuel filler line from the gas tank. Disconnect the vent line from the tank. Set the floor jack below the tank. Remove a strap holding the tank in place. Drop the loosened end of the tank onto the floor jack. Reach above the tank. Disconnect the EVAP line, return fuel line and electrical connector from the fuel pump. Loosen the second strap. Drop the tank onto the floor jack. Push the floor jack out from below the Dodge.

Step 4

Complete Steps 6 through 8 of Section 1.

Step 5

Reinstall the fuel tank below your Dodge. Connect the hoses and electrical connector to the fuel pump. Reconnect the filler and vent lines to the gas tank. Refill the tank. Replace the battery cable and relay. Prime the fuel system. Check for gas leaks. Lower the Dodge.

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