How do I Replace Cooling Fan on a 2001 PT Cruiser?

by Jack Hathcoat

The 2001 PT Cruiser uses an electric cooling fan. Electric cooling fans are big energy savers compared to belt driven fans. They do, however, often fail without warning. A simple check that is good to perform from time to time is to turn the defroster on. This climate control mode uses the air conditioner to dehumidify the windshield. When the air conditioner is on, so is the cooling fan. Raise the hood and check the cooling fan. If it turns slowly, has a grinding sound, is vibrating or fails to come on, it needs to be replaced.

Raise the hood and remove the two radiator fan screws from the fan assembly. The fan assembly is bolted directly behind the radiator next to the engine. Make sure the engine is cool.

Jack the car up and lower it on jack stands. The electric fan has to be removed from underneath the car. Drain the radiator and remove the lower radiator hose.

Unplug the fan, remove the fan mounting screw and lower the fan assembly. Install the new fan assembly and reattach the lower radiator hose. Fill the radiator with fresh coolant.


  • close Run the PT Cruiser for 5 minutes, allow the engine to completely cool and then check the coolant. Chances are good that more coolant, as much as a 1/2 gallon, may be needed. The Cruiser engine easily creates air pockets that need to dissipate before driving. Severe and costly damage can occur when an engine overheats.

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