How to Disconnect an E-Z-GO Back-up Buzzer

by Franklin Brewer

E-Z-GO golf carts provide an alternative to typical modes of transportation over short distances. Golf courses have been using carts for years to reduce stress on players and limit wear and tear on courses. Personal golf carts have risen in popularity recently. Smaller communities and vacation destinations use them to transport inhabitants over short distances. Golf carts remain popular, but many users complain about the back-up buzzer being too loud. You may choose to disconnect this buzzer if you find it annoying.

Step 1

Drill out the plastic rivets holding the key and direction switch plate to the cart body.

Step 2

Remove the plate. Located behind the plate is the reverse alarm buzzer. The buzzer is made of black plastic and is cylindrical in shape with a hole where the device's speaker is located.

Step 3

Disconnect the orange wire from the right terminal of the buzzer. This will disable the buzzer.

Step 4

Replace the key and direction switch plate using two appropriate-size screws.

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