Differences Between a Mazda Renesis 4-Port & 6-Port Engine

by Aleksey Alekseevich

The latest generation Mazda rotary engines are the RENESIS series. RENESIS engines have upgraded power and fuel efficiency, and come in a 4-port and 6-port model. There are important differences between the two models that you should be aware of if you plan on replacing the engine by yourself.

Difference in Parts

The 4-port engine has 4 runners and 4 injectors in the lower intake manifold, while the 6-port engine has 6 runners and 6 injectors.


The CPU timings for port opening and closing in the intake and exhaust valves are different for the two engines. They are adjusted based on the engine's rpm during operation.

RPM Tunings

The rpm is tuned differently for the two engines. The 6-port engine has a rev limit of either 7,500 or 9,000 rpm, while the 4-port has a rev limit of up to 7,500 rpm.


The 6-port engine puts out more power than the 4-port engine. The 6-port puts out a maximum of 246 horsepower, while the 4-port puts out a maximum of 206 horsepower.


The 4-port engine puts out more torque than the 6-port engine. The 6-port engine puts out a maximum of 1562 foot-pounds of torque, while the 4-port puts out 1605 foot-pounds of torque.

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