What Is the Difference in Quad Cab & Crew Cab?

by Alexander Eliot

There are many different cab styles of pickup trucks, including quad cabs and crew cabs. There is no definitive distinction between cab styles between manufacturers or vehicle years. The quad cab is Dodge's slightly smaller version of the crew cab, which refers to a pickup with four doors. Many other manufacturers refer to the smaller four-door pickup cab as an extended cab.

Quad Cab

Some Dodge pickup models, such as the Ram 1500, are offered as a quad cab. The quad cab features full-sized front doors and slightly smaller rear doors. Though quad cab pickups offer full-sized rear seats, there is less interior room when compared with the crew cab models.

Crew Cab

Crew cab pickups offer the largest size cabs, featuring full-sized front and rear doors. The cab itself is slightly larger than quad and extended cab models, offering more interior room.

Quad Cab Benefits

Quad and extended cab pickup trucks are generally less expensive than the larger crew cab models. Also, because of the reduced size and weight of the cab, quad cab pickups are likely to get slightly better gas mileage than crew cab pickups.

Crew Cab Benefits

Because of their larger interiors, crew cabs offer increased leg room and interior storage space. The full-sized rear door can also be helpful if you frequently haul large objects inside of the pickup, as loading through the rear door will be easier.

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