What Is the Difference Between the SE & LX Models in the Honda Accord?

by Alicia Rudnicki
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The Honda Accord is well-known for being an affordable midsize sedan. The online edition of Car and Driver magazine notes that the Accord has placed on its "ten best" list 24 times. The LX is the least expensive of Accord sedans. Two steps up on the price list is the new "special edition" (SE) model, which is making its first appearance in the 2011 lineup. Notable differences between the two sedans include choice of transmissions and luxury trim features.

Fuel Economy

In its report about the SE model, Car and Driver notes a "fuel-economy bump for all Accord models...with no diminution in power." Accord automatic sedans recorded a combined city and highway increase of two miles per gallon leading to a blended rating of 27 miles per gallon. Car and Driver particularly attributes this improvement to "a taller fifth gear in all Accords." Taller gearing means a decrease in rotations per minute, and that can save fuel.

Manual Versus Automatic

For those who prefer a stick shift, the Honda Accord LX may be the low-end model of choice. The more luxurious SE is only available with an automatic transmission. But Car and Driver says the automatic model gets better gas mileage.

Leather Trim

The SE's luxuries include a leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather-trimmed seats. Honda notes that a leather steering wheel insulates against temperature extremes.

Seat Differences

In addition to heated front seats, the SE features a seating system that can be electronically adjusted 10 ways. This includes a power lumbar support for the lower back.

LXP Features

When comparing the LX and SE sedan models, it is necessary to consider the in-between model known as the LX Premium (LXP). The SE contains a number of LXP trim features such as illuminated automatic window switches and a security system.

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