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What Is the Difference Between a Vogue & an HSE?

by David Stewart

Among all the luxury sports utility vehicles that rule the road with their seemingly masculine brawn, the Range Rover is perhaps the undisputed king for its brutal strength, versatility and performance. For more than four decades, the Range Rover has been the unchallenged champ among SUVs, tearing intrepidly through inclement land surfaces, tough road conditions and rugged terrains. The Range Rover has two variants, with the Vogue the brand name of the flagship luxury line of Range Rovers since 2005. Range Rover HSE is the cheaper, more economic variant.

Range Rover Sport HSE

The HSE is strikingly masculine with sporty features such as alloy wheels, side vents, a new chrome grill, an eleven speaker built-in entertainment system and plush Blenheim luxury leather seats. The V8 line up has the super powerful new LR TD V8 diesel engine with a capacity of 4.4 liters. The eight speed transmissions with Paddle Shift and Drive Select features make driving a pleasurable experience. This variant is more powerful with greater torque and is better suited for rough road conditions in rugged landscapes. It is more fuel efficient as well. Additional new features such as Gradient Acceleration Control and Hill Start Assist along with the upgraded Terrain Response System make it a safer car as well.

Range Rover Vogue

This variant is more luxurious and high end than the HSE and sets industry benchmarks for auto refinements. Plush and supple Oxford leather enhances the premium luxury look of the seats and both the rear and front seats have heating vents. You can choose between a 1200 watt in-built entertainment system with 19 speakers and a digital surround sound system with 14 speakers. A few more premium features such as a twelve piece veneer trim made out of real wood and a tilt glass/electric slide sunroof boost its luxury quotient. The Adaptive Dynamics suspension ensures superior smooth riding and regal comfort, fit for royalty, irrespective of road conditions.

Range Rover Sport HSE

This variant yields 14 miles in the cities and 20 miles on the highways. It has a torque of 315 pounds per foot at 4000 rpm and a horsepower of 300 at 5500 rpm. Added to the Range Rover stable in 2006 as a model between the basic Range Rover and the Vogue, the Sport HSE looks trimmer and more street savvy than the basic Range Rover. The 2010 model of the Sport HSE ranges in price from $78,400 to $90,000, as of publication.

Range Rover Vogue

The choices under the bonnet are the 3.6 liter TD V8 acclaimed engine and the 5 liter V8 petrol engine. It yields 18 mpg in any road condition and is priced between $78,400 and $94,275, as of publication. The opulent cabin is the ultimate example of high end SUV luxury.

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