Define Gearbox

by Rick Carlton

A gearbox is a collection of mechanical components that deliver maximum power from an engine by managing a series of gear ratios that in turn operate a transmission. These components include: a gear selector, fork, collar, dog teeth and a gear set.

Gear Selector

This is a hand-operated device that allows a driver to choose a gear that creates a match between engine revolutions per minute (RPM) and a particular gear ratio


The fort is a connecting device that accepts forward and backward movement between the gear selector and the fork by use of a horizontal rod.


Also known as a "dog ring," the collar is a rotating component that slides across a horizontal shaft connected to the car's differential. The purpose of the collar is to positively engage a selected gear.

Dog Teeth

These are extruded features around the collar that create a connection between collar and gear by inserting them into holes around a gear. When the collar/gear combination is secured, the system creates power synchronization between the engine, transmission, differential and the final drive.

Gear Set

A gear set is a collection of rotating components that engage an engine/transmission combination to produce a desired RPM.

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