How to Decode a 1969 GTO Judge

by T.M. Samuels

In a 1969 GTO Judge, the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate is located on the top of the instrument panel and can be be seen through the windshield on the driver’s side of the car. It is a 13-digit number that can be broken down into sections to tell you everything you need to know about the car that you own.

Step 1

Locate the car's VIN and write it down. The first number of the string of numbers should be a “2”. This “2” tells you that the car is a Pontiac.

Step 2

The next two numbers should be a “42” combination, if the car is indeed a GTO. Any other numbers would tell you that the car is not a GTO: A “33” means that the car can be a 1965 to1970 Tempest, a 1971 LeMans T-37, or a 1971 LeMans; a “35” means that the car is a 1965 to1970 Tempest Custom; a “37” number tells you that the car can be a 1965 to1970 Tempest LeMans or a 1971 LeMans Sport; a “39” means that the car is a 1967 to 1969 Tempest Safari.

Step 3

The next two numbers (the fourth and fifth digits) tell you about the car's body style. Body styles can be the following: “07” for a 2-door sedan post; “17” for a 2-door coupe; “27” for a 2-door sedan post; or “35” for a 2-seat, 4-door wagon. Other possible body styles are: “36” for a 2-seat dual action tailgate 4-door wagon; “37” for a 2-door coupe; “39” for a 4-door coupe; “46” for a 3-seat dual action tailgate 4-door wagon. Finally, “67” means a 2-door convertible and “69” means a 2-door sedan.

Step 4

The sixth digit in the series will tell you the model year: For a 1969 GTO, it should read “9.” Other years will read: “1” for 1971; “0” for 1970; “8” for 1968; “7” for 1967; “6” for 1966; and “5” for 1965.

Step 5

The seventh digit tells you where the car was assembled, and there are 14 choices for this location: “A” will signify Atlanta; “B” is for Baltimore; “C” is for Southgate, CA; “D” is for Doraville, GA; “E” for Linden, NJ; “G” for Framingham, MA; “K” is for Kansas City, MO; “P” is for Pontiac, MI; “R” is for Arlington, TX; “U” is for Lordstown, OH; “V” is for Bloomfield, IL; “X” is for Kansas City, KS; “Z” is for Fremont, CA; and “1” is for Oshava, Ontario, Canada.

Step 6

The last six digits in the car's VIN will be the production number of the vehicle. Cars equipped with a V8 (8-cylinder) engine will start with “100001,” while cars equipped with any other engine types will start with the number “600001.”

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