How to Decode a 1969 Camaro Vin Number

by Thomas West

The first Chevrolet Camaro was introduced as a 1967 model. The 1968 Camaro was changed very little, but the 1969 was restyled and had a more aggressive look. The 1970 Camaro was completely restyled and larger in almost every dimension than the 1969 model. The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro came with a 13-digit serial number that was embossed on a metal plate affixed to the forward edge of the driver's side dashboard panel and was visible through the windshield from the outside.

Step 1

Observe the first character of your 1969 Camaro's vehicle identification number (VIN), which should be the numeral "1," indicating this is a VIN for a Chevrolet.

Step 2

Check the second numeral of your VIN, which should be a "2" to indicate this is a VIN for a Camaro.

Step 3

Check the third numeral of your VIN, with a "3" indicating your Camaro came with a six-cylinder engine, or a "4" indicating it came with an eight-cylinder engine.

Step 4

Observe the fourth and fifth numerals of your VIN to determine if this is a coupe, indicated by "37," or a convertible, indicated by "67."

Step 5

Observe the sixth numeral of the VIN, which should be a "9" for 1969 model year.

Step 6

The seventh character of the VIN indicates the Camaro's assembly plant: "L" for Los Angeles, or "N" for Norwood, Ohio.

Step 7

Check the last six digits of the VIN, which should begin with a "5" followed by the sequential number indicating the car's serial number.

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