How to Cut Through Windshield Urethane With a Sawzall

by Alibaster Smith
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A sawzall is the informal name for a reciprocating saw tool, a hand-held saw used for a variety of cutting jobs. Although removing windshield urethane with a sawzall is awkward, it can be done. This job will be especially challenging if you are don't know how to use the saw. Urethane sealant on a windshield is tough to cut, and if you are not careful, the saw could kick back at you, damaging the blade (and potentially injuring you) or cutting the frame of the vehicle.

Step 1

Place the blade of the sawzall parallel to the windshield. Start on the driver side upper corner. Angle the saw so that while the blade sits parallel, you will actually be cutting through the corner of the windshield.

Step 2

Press the trigger just slightly on the sawzall to activate the saw. The saw will begin to move very slowly. Increase the speed of the blade very slowly to half full speed by pulling back on the trigger.

Step 3

Move the blade towards the windshield. Position the saw blade between the glass and the frame. Gently press the saw against the urethane and cut a small groove into it.

Step 4

Increase the blade speed slowly, but do not push the blade into the urethane. You want to cut a solid and comfortable groove for the saw blade before you begin to really cut.

Step 5

Increase to full speed slowly by pulling back on the trigger and letting the blade do the cutting. Move along the perimeter of the glass until the windshield separates from the frame.

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