How to Customize a Smart Car

by J.M. Soden

Customizing your own Smart car is easy thanks to Smart USA's website. Smart USA is the U.S. distributor of the popular Smart car and has recently added a "build your own" feature to its website. Customers can now create their own Smart car, with customized appearance and accessories, simply by going to the Smart USA website. Customizable features include model, exterior and interior appearance and packages. These options allow you to build your own Smart car right down to the smallest details.

Visit Smart USA's website (see link in References below) and click on the button titled "Compare and build Smart models." Once you have entered the "Build your Smart car" webpage, you will be presented with five different models: Pure coupe, Passion coupe, Passion cabriolet, Brabus coupe and Brabus cabriolet. These models have a base price range of $11,000, starting with the Pure coupe and ranging up to $20,999 for the Brabus cabriolet.

Select your Smart car model after viewing standard and optional specifications available with each model. The Pure coupe, Passion coupe and Passion cabriolet feature an interactive customization program, while the Brabus models feature only a list of options available. For the non-Brabus models, you will be asked to customize the appearance of your Smart car after selecting the model.

Customize your body panels, tridion cell (frame trim), interior and wheels using the available colors and options for each vehicle. The Pure coupe offers the least amount of options, with six exterior body panel colors, two tridion cell colors and only one interior option. The Passion coupe and Passion cabriolet models feature six exterior body panel colors, two tridion cell colors and four interior color options.

Design your Smart car options by selecting from six customizable packages. These packages include special packages, exterior, interior, audio, safety and functional/electrical equipment. Special packages are a combination of the other five package options. Exterior options include fog lamps, while interior options include heated seats, an armrest and additional display options. The audio package features the most options, include various speaker upgrades, CD/radio interfaces and navigation systems. The safety package includes daytime running lamps and a security alarm system, while the functional/electrical package offers a power-steering upgrade.

Make a reservation once you have completed your customized Smart car. When you make a reservation, your Smart car will be created and delivered to your local dealership. In the event that an identical Smart car already exists, you can search for your customized model at local dealerships using the Smart USA website at the end of the customization process. Once your customized Smart Car has been created and delivered to your dealer, you will be able to pick up your car.


  • close Customizing a Smart car will likely cost you more than selecting an identical car off the lot. The reason is that a pre-made car will allow you to negotiate the price of a car that has been already made. When you customize a car, the manufacturer is designing a car specific to your needs, which means it may not be as easy to sell to another customer.

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