What Does a Corrected Title Mean?

by Paul Cartmell

The term "corrected title" for an automobile is defined in different ways depending on the laws of a particular state. For example, in Massachusetts a corrected title is issued if information on a title is incorrect. But in Illinois corrected titles are issued for a change in the details of a title.


Corrected titles are issued in some states because of a change in the name of an owner, for reasons such as marriage or divorce. When this takes place, relevant documentation, such as a marriage license or divorce decree, must be submitted with the relevant application form to a state department of motor vehicles.


Where the information used to create a new title of ownership is incorrect, a corrected title can be applied for. In Massachusetts, an incorrect odometer reading can be corrected when accompanied by a notarized affidavit from the person responsible for misreading the vehicle's mileage.


When a lien is placed on the title of a vehicle, the lien holder can apply for a corrected title to reflect the placement of the lien. In some states, such as Illinois, where a lien is in place, the corrected title is mailed to the lien holder.

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