Common Problems With a 1987 Corvette

by Graham Beckett

The Corvette is a symbol of American racing and has been manufactured since 1953. The 1987 corvette was a later model of an overhaul that had taken place a few years earlier. Nonetheless, there were a few common problems with this Corvette that led to various recalls.

Seat belt

The corvette is a two-person car or a coupe. On or about September 1991, there had been various reports of the seat belt malfunctioning. Specifically, the seat belts would either lockup or jam as the belt retracted back into its recoiled position. If there was a jam, the seat belt would not free itself, increasing the likelihood of injury. Corvette recalled this part because, according to, there were at least 230,000 affected vehicles. The recall required owners to replace the entire seat belt.


Honeywell is a third-party manufacturer of oil filters that can be used as replacements to the 1987 Corvette's original oil filters. The General Motors Corporation recalled specific Honeywell filters manufactured between the period of May 2006 and September 2007. These filters have the code A61451 through A72571. Specifically, under high pressures and heat, the gasket of the oil filter becomes loose. This can cause oil to spit out of the gasket and cause fire if it lands on a hot enough part of the engine. Honeywell will replace these filters.

Honeywell is also recalling replacement fuel filters that it manufactured from October 2005 to March 2006 under the part numbers X60801 and X600141. The sealant between the filter and the fuel line is not complete and will cause loss of fuel. If the leak occurs toward the engine, a fire can result. Honeywell will contact owners and replace the fuel filter.

Car Start Failure

There have been various indications that the 1987 Corvette had starting problems. There were faults in the electrical system and the "electronic control unit." The car would have trouble starting or would randomly stall while driving. Corvette redesigned and replaced the switch module to eliminate this problem. The car also has had problems with its alternator, preventing the car from starting or the computer fails to read the ignition key to start the car motor.

Braking and Acceleration

There have been various reports that on turns, the Corvette brakes will lock. There have been other problems related to turning, in which the car will accelerate uncontrollably through turns without the brakes responding. In December 1990, there was one reported death from this malfunction and additional problems related to the hydraulic clutch system.

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