Club Car Oil Indicator Light Problems

by Tyler Lacoma
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The oil indicator light on club cars is designed to show when there are oil problems or when the oil tank needs to be refilled or serviced in some way. Unfortunately, these lights are often faulty on club cars, especially after several years of use, and the light flickering or turning on does not always mean that there is a problem.

Battery Problems

One of the most common reasons for a fault oil indicator light to blink on is the failure of the battery that powers the instruments on the dashboard. This can cause the light to flicker, to turn on constantly, or to refuse to turn on completely. In order to solve this problem, the battery can be completely replaced and then the service indicator light can be reset using a jumper wire connecting to the proper cables, which are usually pins 7 and 19 on BMW models, but can shift from model to model and should be double-checked with instruction manuals.

Sensor Problems

It is also possible that the oil light indicator is functioning properly, but that its sensors at the oil tank are malfunctioning or have been displaced. These sensors should be checked in case of light malfunction. They should be reattached if they have been displaced, and any faulty wires should be replaced. The contacts should be cleaned and possibly replaced if it seems they are faulty. In most club car engines this can be done without removing the oil tank itself, although this will depend on the club car model and where the oil tank is positioned. Most contacts can be attended to without taking apart any major components.

Solutions for Faulty Light

Sometimes intrinsic problems with the oil indicator light will make it flash or stay on permanently, and the problem can be difficult to pinpoint. Some club car drivers find this annoying, and after making sure there is nothing wrong with the oil system they cover the light up with a piece of black tape. A more drastic solution is to cut the wires leading to the light completely. The light indicator system could be replaced, but few drivers find this worth the expense, since the same problem can affect the second system after a similar length of time, usually two to three years.


Sometimes a frequently flashing or permanently-on indicator light can point to oil problems that need to be taken care of. Sometimes, though, just changing the type of oil you use can solve the problem. A heavy oil may be detected by the sensors more easily, and can also leave more residue in the engine. Sometimes switching to a lighter grade of oil, such as 10-30, or a cleaner type of oil will keep the light from coming on.


At other times, the indicator light will come on to show problems with the way the oil enters the engine. Overevving the club car and forcing it to go too fast too quickly can sometimes force oil the oil too far into the engine system, so that it cannot seep back to crankcase in time. Engines can be adjusted to stay at lower RPM levels to try and solve this problem, but slower-paced driving also helps.

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