How to Clean Plastic Shower Stalls

by Jennifer Eblin

When it comes to a plastic shower stall, your only real problem will be in cleaning it. Everyone seems to have their own tips and there are dozens of products on the market claiming to work like magic. In reality though, there are a few simple things you can use at home that are much easier and less expensive than those products. All you need to clean a plastic shower stall is a few things that you probably have right now.

Step 1

Mix together your favorite laundry detergent with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. A 3 to 1 mixture of detergent and dishwashing liquid works the best. The dishwashing liquid cuts through the grease while the detergent cuts through the grime.

Step 2

Apply the mixture to the walls of your shower stall and the bottom of the stall and let it sit for several minutes. Give it enough time to cut through the grime on your shower. It will start sliding down the walls of the stall, but it will also take the dirt off with it.

Step 3

Add a small amount of water to the mixture and scrub with a scrub brush until you see the mixture start to foam. This means that it’s working and it should be pulling off most of the mildew and grime. Keep scrubbing until you get all areas of the shower stall.

Step 4

Rinse off the cleaner with your shower head and cool water. You may need to adjust the shower head slightly to get all the cleaner removed. The mixture will remove most of the debris caked on the shower stall and get your shower looking good again.

Step 5

Cover the shower stall with a product meant for showers and rinse it off with cool water. You may want to scrub the walls just to make sure you get all the grime and mildew off the shower. After rinsing it off, your shower should be sparkling clean.

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