How to Clean the Headlights on a G35 Infiniti

by Melissa Rae

Headlight lenses become oxidized as they lose their coating and accumulate dirt over time, causing a foggy buildup on the light covers. Aside from ruining the look of your Infiniti G35, buildup can dim the brightness of its headlights. Toothpaste works well as a mild abrasive, removing the film without scratching the plastic or glass, according to a cleaning tip on the RepcoService of Australia website. You can restore your car's originally crystal clear headlight covers for safer driving and a clean look quickly and easily.


Wash the headlight covers with soapy water and a sponge. Rub thoroughly to remove any surface dirt.


Rinse the headlight covers with water completely and dry them with a soft cloth.


Squeeze about one-third of the tube of toothpaste into a bowl and add small amount of warm water, mixing until it becomes a liquid.


Lightly dampen the lenses, then apply the toothpaste liquid with a damp sponge, rubbing in a circular motion.


Rinse the lenses thoroughly with water, and dry them with a soft cloth.


Apply the toothpaste liquid as many times as necessary, until the cloudy film is removed and your headlight covers are crystal clear again.


  • close Be very careful while scrubbing, as the toothpaste can damage the car's paint.

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