How to Clean the EGR Valves on an Infinity G20

by Alibaster Smith

The Infinity G20 EGR valves use a threaded tube nut fitting instead of a hose connection. Additionally, Infinity's EGR design uses two valve openings on the side of the assembly, and is mechanically operated by vacuum pressure. The mounting holes sit just below the disc-shaped part of the valve. This assembly is mounted onto your Infinity's intake manifold. When this part goes bad, you'll have trouble with your idle speed and acceleration. The EGR valve is responsible for recirculating exhaust gasses back into the combustion chamber for more complete burning instead of venting them directly into the atmosphere or sending them straight through the exhaust system the first time they are expelled from the engine. Before replacing the EGR valve component, you can clean both of the valves to see if that fixes the problem.

Pick off any loose debris and carbon that has built up on the inside of the valve openings using a pick tool. Be very careful when cleaning the smaller of the two valve openings that you do not damage the threads with the pick tool since the threads are on the inside of the opening.

Spray the valve openings with carburetor cleaner.

Use a pipe cleaner brush to scrub the openings of the valves and clean off any debris that may have accumulated.

Flush the valve openings with carburetor cleaner and wipe down the assembly with a shop rag and allow it to dry.

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