How to Clean Diesel Fuel Off of Concrete

by Randall Shatto
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Diesel fuel is a general term, which can refer to any type of fuel used in a diesel motor. This can include a petrol-based fuel or even refined cooking oil. The most common type of diesel fuel used today is the oil-based petrol formula. This can be harmful to pets or people who inhale too much of the fumes. In addition, it can be fatal if ingested by a pet or a person. Diesel spills are common when working with a diesel motor. Clean any fuel spills quickly and efficiently.

Step 1

Ventilate the area. If you are working in a garage or workshop, open windows and use an industrial fan. The fumes from the diesel fuel are harmful if you do not take the proper steps.

Step 2

Extinguish any open flames in the area of the diesel fuel. In addition, move combustible materials right away.

Step 3

Sprinkle cat litter over the diesel fuel on the concrete. Spread it out evenly, over the entire area. Wait for approximately 10 minutes for the cat litter to soak up the fuel.

Step 4

Use the broom to sweep the cat litter into the dustpan. Dispose of it properly in a garbage can without combustible material.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4, if some diesel fuel is still present. One application of the cat litter may not clean up the entire area. You may end up using two or three buckets of litter for this chore.

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