Chrysler Fault Code P0441

by Richard Ristow
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For Chrysler and other vehicles manufactured after 1996, "P0441" is a powertrain code in on-board diagnostics. It corresponds with the code description "Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow."


The code signifies that part of the Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system is not functioning properly. Unlike engine knocking, you cannot notice this problem while driving. The EVAP system monitors fuel fumes and other components. The engine burns these fumes, rather than let them escape the Chrysler; if the system cannot detect the fumes' purging, it will trigger this specific fault code.

Probable Causes

Some of the hoses within the fuel system may be old, faulty and leaking. Canisters or lines within the EVAP system may have become damaged. The purge solenoid may not be working, and the purge connector my have corroded to an unacceptable level; other shorts or forms of resistance may have occurred within the EVAP system.

Possible Solutions

For Chryslers, examine the leak detection pump, which may need replacing; the purge solenoid, vacuum switch and power-train control module (PCM) may need replacing as well. Inspect all the hoses, lines, and canisters within the EVAP system, as any of these may require repairs. Look for any general corrosion or restriction throughout the system.

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