Chrome Refinishing Tips

by William Zane

Chrome finishing is a widely used method to give metal objects an extremely shiny, hard surface. Chroming is used in everything from kitchen appliances to car wheels, mainly for decorative purposes. If not properly cared for, though, chrome can become dull and eventually start rusting and chipping off of the surface it is on. By using the proper methods, chrome can be brought back to life as long there is no permanent damage like pitting or rusting. If there is permanent damage, the part will need to be refinished.

Chrome Polish

One of the best methods is to use a good chrome polish brand like Mother. Apply liberally with a rag, let dry and then buff out to a brilliant shine. You can also use extra-fine steel wool to really polish the chrome and even smooth out minor pitting. Just make sure the steel wool is fine enough that it won't scratch the chrome.

Vinegar and Foil

If you don't want to use strong chemicals to refinish your chrome, use white vinegar and aluminum foil. Fold the foil so that it fits in the palm of your hand and dip it in white vinegar. Rub the foil on the chrome wherever it is faded and dull or has residue. Continue re-soaking the foil in the vinegar and rubbing on the chrome until it is clean.

Cola and Foil

Another method that may work is using cola soda and aluminum foil. Use the same technique as above by dipping the foil in the cola and then rubbing it on the chrome.

Other Methods

You can also use club soda, seltzer water, baking soda or even lemon peel. Use a very fine scouring pad on parts like a car's chrome bumper to remove bugs and debris.


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William Zane has been a freelance writer and photographer for over six years and specializes primarily in automotive-related subject matter among many other topics. He has attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, where he studied automotive design, and the University of New Mexico, where he studied journalism.

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